Nourishing Death

Last week I wrote a guest post for Nourishing Death (a fabulous project – you should check check check it out).  Given the post’s death-y nature I reckoned I oughta post a link to it here, for regular readers of Deathsplanation who perhaps don’t use the Twitter or the Facebook.

The post in question is The Holy Grail of Grieving Family Food – The Casserole.  It isn’t a story about my research into the victims of the Black Death, or really even about my experiences of grief, mourning, and bereavement – it’s story about casseroles.  Of course.

I’ve recently heard about a group attempting to Kickstarter their game about death/dying*.  What do you think, would you play Dying in a Small Town: The Casserole Patrol with your friends and family? 😀

*My Gift of Grace by The Action Mill

4 responses to “Nourishing Death

  1. Personal experience is fertile ground. I would play Dying in a Small Town. I am one of the designers at the Action Mill working on My Gift of Grace game. Thanks for the mention and hope that you back our project and one day play our game too, perhaps with us!

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