Cheeky Neanderthal Man

I can now officially be awarded my PhD. I have reached the required level of procrastination. My workspace was looking a little lonely yesterday, so I decided to complete my Neanderthal facial reconstruction that has been kicking about the office for the last… uhh… like three years? It is a replica skull of Homo neanderthalensis, specifically La Chapelle-aux-Saints 1 (also known as “The Old Man”) discovered in France 1908 and estimated to be about 60,000 years old. I also had 32 tissue depth markers to build up the muscles, tissue, and other whatnots. I didn’t have an enormous amount of clay so he has ended up with quite a cropped hair cut, but he’s clean-shaven on purpose so you can see his cheeky smile in its full glory.

Even Neanderthals need a cuppa in the morning.

Even Neanderthals need a cuppa in the morning.

Yeeeah, I had half a beer and it all got a little bit silly. But who says Neanderthals didn’t wink? I have to say, for 12 hours work it’s not too bad! There is a photo gallery here of some professional reconstructions of the same individual (which I didn’t look up until this morning). I think mine looks alright in comparison. Shmeh. I blame the photographer! Regardless of the quality I now have someone to keep me company while I work… and procrastinate. What shall I name him?


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