Microbe Talk: December 2013

Recently, I spoke to Benjamin Thompson at Microbe Talk about my research – and then he did magic and turned it into a podcast. You can listen to it at the link above!

Microbe Post

This month, we spoke to Alison Atkin, an osteoarchaeologist at the University of Sheffield. As part of her PhD, Alison is looking at ways of using mathematical modelling to help identify and understand mass fatality incidents. We chatted about her work on the Black Death, a pandemic disease that was first seen in Britain in the 14th century.

We also spoke to Lewis Dartnell, a UK Space Agency Research Fellow working at the University of Leicester. Lewis has recently had a paper published in PLOS ONE, which details a potential way of rapidly identifying bacteria in a hospital environment. We talked about the work and about how technology developed to help discover life on other planets is being adapted to solve health problems on Earth.

Show links:

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