‘Breaking’ News: One (January 1st- 10th, 2014)

Many of you (some of you) will have noticed that lately I have begun tweeting a great many more (than usual) new links. These are mostly related to archaeology and osteology, but there are a few others that sneak in when they pique the imagination.*

I often find that it is difficult to keep up with all of the fascinating news stories that are constantly bombarding my attention span, and I suspect that I am not alone in this – so with that in mind I’d like to welcome to the first-ever Deathsplanation link round-up.


NHM study shows that ancient hunter-gatherers’ diet caused dental problems, way back when…

A unique Neolithic burial ground containing the remains of dozens of children has been uncovered in Egypt.

Skeletons ‘Embracing’ In Death May Represent Ancient Siberian Custom. [Headline edited: removed ‘gruesome’.]

Corpses Shaped London article making the rounds – very interesting, but sections a bit too sensationalist for me.

Skull left on a paper plate, surrounded by beads, in a hiking area. Any thoughts?

Was Tutankhamun mummified with erect penis to ‘quash religious revolution’ as Osiris? Researchers say yes!

Aztec Offerings and Skull Rack Victims Found in Mexico City – and many infant burials (and many ceramics).

A great display of the impact new technology/methods! Italian ‘Neanderthal’ Remains Actually Medieval Human:

A very interesting read. Massacre in the Well – A 1200 Year Old Mystery from France. Interesting that ‘massacre’ makes headline when epidemic is also being considered (osteological analysis TBC).


Marine ecologists aim to help marine archaeologists with research from under the sea.

Neolithic mural in Çatalhöyük may illustrate ancient volcanic eruption. Great to see more detail on this.

New Zealand shipwreck points to 18th-century race to colonise island. The maritimer in me can’t help but be drawn in.

Tracking trade in the ancient world with Google maps.

Chief brewer at the Temple of Mut’s tomb in Egypt discovered.

3D-Printed Drones for Archaeologists. Ace! But come on… “antiquated technologies”? Plumb bobs are complex!

1000 y/o British brooch excavated from a Norwegian Viking burial site in 1880s, found in British Museum.

‘Insight into killing fields of England’, on creating the new National Civil War Centre.

1000 y/o British brooch excavated from a Norwegian Viking burial site in 1880s, found in British Museum.

Land of make-believe: Fake archaeology in paradise. (I haven’t read the whole article… because £s.)

I wonder what they’d have made of Ikea? Neanderthal caves organised as ‘pleasant places to live’.

Ancient Artists Used Palace of Nestor Throne Room Floor as a Creative Canvas.

The Archaeology of the Future, Part 1: How will our descendants of the very distant future view us?

The Archaeology of the Future, Part 2: Will our very distant future descendants know us by a digital record?

Elusive Biblical Blue Colour Revealed – in a nearly 2,000-year-old patch of dyed fabric.

10,500y/o footprints pre-date current oldest evidence of humans in Chihuahuan desert – 9000y/o human faeces.

The giraffes at Pompeii thought that since they had found a way to avoid the lava their problems were over. Bonus picture!

The BBC list of notable archaeology of 2013is a little different than mine.


Colour of ancient sea creatures revealed, after melanin is found in fossilised skin. Spoiler: not rainbow.

49-million-year-old cockroach fossil found, pushing appearance in America back by five million years.

Dinosaur bones (possibly dated to 72 million years ago) discovered in Saudi Arabia for the first time.

Prehistoric skeleton found in Kansas stirs up scientific storm. Lesson: quit auctioning museum collections.

Ichthyosaur fossil at Charmouth narrowly misses storm destruction. Safe for 200m yrs – then only for 8hrs!

100-million year old amber fossil reveals ancient sexual reproduction in flowering plants.

Fossil retailer guilty of smuggling bones from Mongolia and China. Fossils (totalling to 39) to be returned.


Storms unearth hidden treasures and dangers. Or… Yay dinosaurs! Boo bombs! Ooh shipwreck!

Ooh…! China’s Ming dynasty golden age to be star of British Museum Autumn exhibition.

Traditional print shop (and its printer) may become a working museum. I am so there!

The ten most important buildings in England, that changed the face of the country. Would your list differ?

A very interesting read on repatriation. Denver Museum to Return Totems to Kenyan Museum.

Spainsfield (traditional hill) Farm to join Beamish Museum – after moving 25 miles brick by brick.


Photographer shoots the living with the dead, using human skeletal remains as cameras.

To each their own but not my cuppa. Custom gravestone “wraps”. More examples!

More on plan to turn NYC’s potters field (w/1 million graves) into a public park. via @besslovejoy

Cemetery in Yatelay begins consultation on the issue of ornate graves.

On the Morbid Anatomy Museum opening in America.

Raining death down on Disneyland. A wonderful read that reflects the different things we do with our dead.


“And for this Australia, we are sorry.” Australia’s science agency apologises for failing to create dragon.

I know this made the rounds yesterday, but ICYMI, Prairie dogs perform contagious ‘Mexican wave’. 🙂

Science is Interpretation. “You don’t need new data to produce new science.”

Study searching the Internet for evidence of time travellers finds that they probably didn’t visit 2006-13.

The Mystery Silkhenge Spider – What Made The Strange Web Towers In The Amazon. Patience rewards researchers!


Go away Hank. No one likes you. #Bigfoot found in freezer. Going on tour.

*You may have noticed that I try to stick to tweeting news links that haven’t already been making the rounds (as I know a lot of us co-follow people). There are already so many great weekly link round-ups out there, but I hope this captures some of the news stories they may have missed. And, yes, this first round-up is huge because it’s everything from 2014 thus far (being ten days, instead of the anticipated seven days – e.g. weekly – which will be the case for future round-ups.)


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