Multiply this ad campaign by zero.


On Monday Coca-Cola re-launched their zero sugar and zero calorie drink Coke Zero in the UK.


The company says that the new ‘Just Add Zero’ campaign is “designed to establish Coca‑Cola as an icon to a new generation”.


It just so happens that I caught their new ‘TVC’ (television commercial) shortly after the launch, during an advert break on the telly.

You can watch it below:

Or, if you don’t want to spend 1:30 watching it, here’s the transcript:

“Zero… it changes everything

Add 0 to 1… and it’s 10 mates.

Add 0 to 10 km/h… and it’s 100 km/h.

Add 0 to your 2 sisters… get 20 of their friends.

Add 0 to party of 100… and it’s a festival of 1000.

When you need more… just add zero.”

Notice anything wrong?

I mean, other than the fact that it’s just a terrible advert?


Yeeeah, so the people at Coca Cola clearly haven’t got a grasp on basic mathematics.

“Add 0 to 1”… and it’s not 10… it’s  1. “Add 0 to 10”… and it’s not 100, it’s 10.

In fact, if you add 0 to any of the numbers in the advert (or any number), you just get the number you started with…



It’s not that complicated.

But I guess that, “Concatenate 0 to 1…” just didn’t have the same snappy PR bullshit ring to it.


According to Brid Drohan-Stewart, the Marketing Activation Director at Coca Cola Great Britain:

“For some people zero means nothing, but the ‘Just Add Zero’ campaign shows that things get bigger, better, faster and greater when you add zero. ‘Adding Zero’ gives you more…”


Umm…. no.

No, that’s definitely not how zero works.


I give up.

I just… give up.


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