‘Breaking’ News: Two (January 11th- 17th, 2014)

Here linkies, linkies, linkies!


Interesting article on Hatemui (‘the boy priest’) mummy that is on display in Swindon.

Who are the dead Maya in this underwater cave and why are they there?

Zero gravity makes osteoclasts/blasts a bit lazy. Or, new spacesuit ‘squeezes’ astronauts’ bones into shape!

39 skulls discovered over 25-years-ago in London show (lots of) evidence of Roman decapitation practice.

Breaking news: a “skeleton” has been discovered, but the bones are “historical” and therefore “not a police matter”.

Melting glaciers in northern Italy reveal corpses of WW1 soldiers, preserved for nearly a century.

DNA found in murder cold case, which hopes to identify the victim after 80 years.

Remains of woman unearthed in Indian church likely belong to ancient executed Queen Ketevan.

Road construction uncovers 2,000-year-old Native American burial in Florida.

Skeletons found in Nottingham mass grave in 1963 could be plague victims.


Passages reopened after being sealed up around 500 years ago at Mingary Castle, Scotland. (Originally tweeted as ‘secret’ but the kind folk at @AddymanArch got in touch to say, “Hi. Just thought we’d correct media inaccuracies.” The “passages weren’t secret, part of original castle walls and long known about.” Thanks!

I still can’t help but think it’s not the same. Archaeological work carried out at damaged earthwork during repairs.

Discovery of 900-year-old stone tablet could shed light on relatively unknown Burmese King Anawrahta.

Earliest use of steel in Britain (from nearly 2500 years-ago) identified at Scotland hillfort.

ON SALE NOW (in USA) Ancient Scandinavians grog with barley, honey, cranberries, herbs and even grape wine!

King Senebkay, a previously unknown pharaoh who reigned in Egypt more than 3,600 years ago, discovered.

Firefighter’s flint find forty years ago leads to major Mesolithic discovery.

460-year-old English shilling, from Canada’s west coast, rekindles interest in Sir Francis Drake ‘discovery’ theory.

Trefael Stone burial site ‘much older than previously thought’ (perhaps even Neolithic or Mesolthic).

200-year-old British Army button found at Orange Grove Savannah prompts calls for archaeological survey.

Anyone up for a game of backgammon? Rare gaming piece found at Anglo-Saxon royal hall.

Archaeologists Discover Rare Ancient Maya Mural in Belize.

Researchers trace the bacterium behind global cholera pandemic that killed millions using sample from 1849.


British dinosaur finds its family! Another dolphin-like dinosaur, “rigid swimmer” confirmed found in Germany.

Tiktaalik roseae fossil shows signs of rear-leg development from fins.


Stupid humans. Thieves stole tens of thousands of pounds worth of ancient Egyptian jewellery from a Leicester museum.

Will this 16th century Portuguese red kangaroo change Austalian history?

More than 74,000 historical items reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2012, in addition to 990 ‘treasures’.

Good summary/discussion of debate. Consent and discontent: what will become of Richard III’s bones?

Why is the ‘cabinet of curiosities’ concept back in vogue with museum and gallery curators?

What’s inside?! The Panacea Museum keeps lid on Southcott mystery box, but replica displayed for bicentary of death.

Heritage Minutes continuing to fill Canadians’ minds with history. Next up: PM Sir John A. Macdonald at 199.

Letter posted in 1919 from Vulcan, returned home from Australia.


York University student’s request not to work with women stirred up controversy. Good on Prof Grayson for decision.

The York University story continues, as university defends their decision.


Urn-o, ancient Greek urn containing Sigmund Freud’s ashes smashed in attempted theft. (Read like Ygritte.)

A fascinating read on the people who volunteer to dig for the war dead.

Mystery of Alexander the Great’s death solved? He may have been ‘killed by toxic wine’ (but we’ll never really know).

Interesting read – and moves beyond into ‘death roles’ more generally. Is taxidermy a “girl thing”?


Growing less as you get older? Not if you’re a tree! Study finds older trees grow more quickly.

Fascinating! Adermatoglyphia: the genetic disorder of people born without fingerprints.

Teaching kids science by using knives… ‘slicing’ across their skin!

“Air gets pretty darn wiggy behind a flapping wing.” Why birds fly in a V-formation debate continues.

Sub-glacial canyon ‘serendipitously’ discovered in Antarctica (and it’s bigger than the Grand Canyon)!

Is there anything to the claims (by some) that yoga is ‘detoxing’? Umm…

Great article! Love Wine and Tea? Scientists Discover Plant Part Whence Their Pucker Springs.

The Silence of the Labs, on the politicisation of science in Canada.

Glow in the dark sharks (under blue light)! The underwater world of biofluorescence catalogued (180 and counting).


Madagascar: ICRC plague operation update.

News story with better analysis. Madagascar: Prisoners the first victims of plague. In 2013, 75/319 infected died.

Yippee! We’re all saved. Oh wait. No. We’re all still going to die. BUT the Doomsday Clock has stopped at 23:55.

Plague trifecta confirmed in Peru (bubonic, pneumonic, septaecemic) – five infected, one dead.

WHOA! Giant landmine hunting (and tuberculosis sniffing) rats (Cricetomys gambianus).


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