‘Breaking’ News: Three (January 18th – 24th)


The body snatchers: corpse and effect. Piers Mitchell on the history and archaeology behind it all.

Fascinating. Unusual tomb belonging to the Złockie culture found in Poland.

Skeptical face. Carthaginians sacrificed own children, archaeologists say.

Human bone fragments thought to be from sacrifices discovered at Tenochtitlan ceremonial centre, Mexico.


4000 year old clay tablets confirm humans have enjoyed sex for much of history. [Possibly NSFW.]

In the search for King Alfred the Great it’s discovered that his remains may have been in a museum all along. (See below for some great perspective pieces on this story.)


Neat! Japanese archaeologists unearth what could be a complete ‘hadrosaurus’ skeleton.

The most complete baby ceratopsid (horned dinosaur) ever found anywhere in the world is going on display.


Ancient statues in a Columbian archaeological park replaced with cardboard cut-outs.

Great post on the importance of remembering #KingAlfred wasn’t alone in history.

One giraffe, thousands of miles, and some seriously big hair. Meet Zarafa.

Pictures of ‘Mammoths of the Ice Age’ opening at National Museum of Scotland.

Bear pit awarded Grade II listed status. I’ve been in the Sheffield bear pit. It’s awfully sad. Poor Rosie.

A great article on whether the Richard III and King Alfred the Great stories are about the same thing.

“Noah’s Ark: Is there now proof?” No.

The 1000-year-old behemoth Viking ship being rebuilt for British Museum display.


O_o Coffin used as part of a “Last Man’s Club” ritual for years, found to contain human remains.


Hmm, wonder how this would affect diagnostic methods? Seashells inspire new way to preserve ancient bones.

Big news that sap discovery could revolutionise the syrup industry.

Shadow of bubonic plague grows over Madagascar.

Great! Neuroscience journal edited by kids for kids. No filtered reviews, kids just tell researchers what they think.

Contact lenses and monitoring blood sugar. Black Mirror is nearly here.


Archaeologists discover 5m tall human skeletons [that weren’t reported anywhere] is a hoax [from 2009]’.

Stop everything. Watch this. Divers meet extremely playful wild seals off the English coast.

Create a scatterplot with any species as datapoints with just 5 lines of R code.


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