‘Breaking’ News: Four (January 25th – 31st)

It’s a smallish link round-up this week due to busyness.


“We’re experts in water pipes not human bodies…” ‘Medieval’ skull found during Huntingdon drain repair.

More details unearthed about Godalming car park skeletons following FOI request. Shocking that was required.

The truth is in the tooth. Justinian plague victims provide DNA evidence for one of the most devastating pandemics in human history.

New method can help distinguish target DNA from contamination… but only if it’s only 1000 years or older. [Researchers got in touch to say it should actually work with more recent DNA, but just may not be as accurate. Awesome!]

Blanch Mortimer, daughter of medieval traitor, ‘remains’ found in church tomb. What a beautiful lead shroud!

Lupus! It’s never lupus. New methodology for studying Human-Neanderthal interbreeding and genetic impacts.

Great story for kids about osteology and why it’s important. However, osteology: not pronounced “os-tee-OL-o-gy”. 😀

Ancient Roman Infanticide Didn’t Spare Either Sex, DNA Suggests.              


Brilliant article on Becky Wragg Sykes and her passion for #Neandertals and archaeology w/ COSMOSmagazine.

1500-year-old church discovered under Lake İznik. Huh. Who knew churches couldn’t swim?

Rainbow archaeology! Stone figures in Mexico buried in layers of brown, orange, pink, yellow, white clay.

Brilliant. “Lousy Swedish tabloids” label remarkable 11000 year old underwater find “Sweden’s Atlantis”.

Quick, where’s the dolphins hunted with bows and arrows story? 9,500 artefacts found during dig at Cardigan Castle.


Fossils of 50-million-year-old ‘big-headed’ fly discovered – named as new species.               


Part of Iron Age fort at Dúnbeg in Dingle falls into sea. Rapidly eroding coastlines never cease to be tragic. 😦

Hogback monument to leave Govan, its home for over a millennium. This exhibition is going to be incredible!

Very interesting piece on the loss of ancient women’s wisdom and female deities to geopolitics.

The Manchester Museum talks taxidermy and its place in museums.


Blame Megan Rosenbloom when you can’t stop singing this song and substituting the words. Let’s talk about #death.


X-ray videos of moles swimming through couscous. SCIENCE!


New Study Shows That Bones Are Incredibly Cool.


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