‘Breaking’ News: Five (February 1st – 8th)

Sorry it’s a day late. I was off away at FameLab yesterday! 🙂


Centuries old Beachy Head Lady’s face revealed. Check out Eastbourne Ancestors for more osteoawesomeness.

Srsly *is* there a competition we don’t know about? German researchers near certain remains are Charlemagne.

The second time these damn giant skeletons have appeared in as many weeks. Do I need to write something? :/ [Update: I did.  A very quick look at the ‘Giant Skeletons Re-Surface’ story, complete with bobbling skeletons AND cats.]

Does this sound right? Local undertaker paying for skeletal analysis on remains found in Wimborne Square.

Bronze Age burials found at Edinburgh primary school. Quick! Get those school kids involved.

Skippy the kitty, born without radii, is adorable and not bothered in the least.


Amazing! Protected for so long by the sea, and then washed away so quickly! 850,000-year-old human footprints found in Norfolk.

Mmm… delicious delicious forbs. Woolly mammoth diet mystery solved by DNA analysis.

Not sure that this should be under archaeology (or heritage for that matter). An interesting find regardless. Two metal detectorists have uncovered large medieval coin collection in Scotland.

Arghhh, I so fond of maritime archaeology. Indian Ocean’s Oldest Shipwreck Set for Excavation.

Urge to play king of the mountain now. Archaeologists Unearth 4,600-Year-Old Step Pyramid in Egypt.

Row row row your boat, gently down the… sky…? Resurrecting and restoring Pharaoh Khufu’s ‘solar’ boats.

Volunteer army set up to record archaeological sites uncovered by floods.

Zeet zeet! Domesticated camels arrival in the Southern Levant discovered.

Historical patterns, digging trenches through trenches! New cable work at Anglesey church unearths medieval wall.

9000-year-old linen fabric found in Çatalhöyük, associated with an infant burial.

BUNNIES /and/ archaeology! Rabbits discover massive haul of stone age treasure buried at Land’s End.


Ancient ash volcanoes, more than 120 million years ago, entombed Chinese dinosaurs in ‘Pompeii-style event’.

Best photo reconstruction ever! Yongjinglong datangi – new giant dinosaur discovered in China.

A “fossilized Tyrannosaurus bataar skull” is named as the defendant in US repatriation lawsuit.


Good article on the origins of Warrington Museum and the new cabinet of curiosities.

Dodo bones, snow goggles and the Muggletonian view of the world: new exhibit in London.

Too amazing Chicago. Quit it. Scratch-off bus stop ads for ‘Art as Archaeology’ exhibit. Stratigraphic ads!

Based on a true story? A piece on historical films and whether accuracy matters.


Arghhh! All of these amazing Death Salon articles are making me even more gutted I can’t go to Barts Pathology event.


Did the Black Death Left a Mark on Human Genome?


Brilliant! Cryptozoologicon Could Revolutionize the Field of Monster Studies.

Attack of the tumbleweeds! This is ridiculous…:

People have been tattooing for thousands of years, and yet we always say the same thing about them.


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