‘Breaking’ News: Seven (February 15th – 22nd)


Experts unearth ancient murder victim in East Lothian.

Yay the Rising Star Expedition continues! Scientists Return to Explore a Second Fossil Chamber.

More evidence for giant humans. Just kidding! But seriously, why don’t we have one of these?

The incredible human hand and foot, following on from Dissection.

The so-called “Mungo Man” of Australia may finally be returned to the care of traditional owners.

“Who thinks of the bone as being an endocrine organ?” Maybe we all should…

This study confuses me… Researchers hope to uncover the real Mona Lisa. More details here.

Did giants walk the Earth? No. Someone stop this man and send him to my blogpost about it.

Well, I know what I’m doing today now. Interactive map of human genetic history revealed.


Is there anything better than this? Maria Rita Palombo: Small elephants, Big Ideas.

This news story raised a resounding *shmeh* in this house. Steve Jobs’ time capsule unearthed by ‘Diggers’.

The bony secrets behind marvels of animal world.

Japan’s oldest shell tools, from the Upper Palaeolithic, found in Sakitari Cave in Okinawa.

#HULKEOLOGYSMASH conspiracy theorists and the people who encourage their damn delusions. Pyramids damaged in hunt for proof of ‘alternate explanation’.

Neandertal Admixture in Eurasia Confirmed by Maximum Likelihood Analysis of Three Genomes.

“Capturing the mammoth… well its DNA!” Ancient whole genome enrichment using baits built from modern DNA.

Virtual Archaeology to teach Historical Archaeology.

3,600-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy and Wooden Sarcophagus Unearthed By Spanish Archaeologists.

12 Aztec dogs found buried in common grave in Mexico City.


Gargantuan’ pachyrhinosaur skull found near Drumheller.

Ooh, were trilobites the first animals to venture at least partially on to land, some 540 million years ago?

Man donates ‘very rare’ mammoth tusk to museum after 16,000-year-old fossil found on Seattle construction site.


A really interesting read. How the north ended up on top of the map.

Portals to the Past. Crossrails artefacts to go on display in London exhibition.

Oxford University Museum of Natural History reopens with shiny dinoasuars.


Great article on blogging bioarchaeology in the latest Soc Archaeo Sci Bulletin.


It absolutely is… and outside schools as well. Teaching about death is an important life lesson for students.

Burials being delayed as floods create dangerous conditions at graveyards.


Neat! Go ahead and try this at home, researcherssay. Fishing line as artificial muscles.

Lies, damned lies and tweets. Sheffield researchers aim to help us all avoid those urban myths with ‘Pheme’.

How GIFs are changing the way we talk science.

FYI – How to give an albino alligator a CT scan.

Toxoplasma gondii, found in Arctic Beluga. Infectious agents spreading further through ice.


Best ever. Someone FINALLY remastered “Jurassic Park” with updated, scientifically accurate, dinosaurs.

For every one of your heartbeats, somewhere, a fishing boat catches a shark.

Bwahaha, this is brilliant. Peg incisors and Damien Hirst bling! Ancient Qiang People had Vertically Grown Teeth.

Yesss! This is brilliant. The face of the tequila skull.

Weirdest article ever. Misleading headline too. Paabo eyes mixing Neanderthal, human cells in lab.

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