‘Breaking’ News: Eight (February 23rd – 28th)


Really old cheese (like, the oldest) found on really old mummies.

Mixed strain TB infection in Roman-era British skeleton suggested by limited SNP typing.

The new research findings suggest that leprosy might be the oldest human-specific infection.

Historian argues against the destructive sampling of Richard III’s remains to continue genetic research. [Blogpost on this subject coming to a screen near you soon.]

Wow. Secret removal of the 1,000 bodies buried beneath Birmingham Broad Street

International team discovers ‘microbial Pompeii’ preserved on the teeth of skeletons around 1,000 years old. Seriously! What will science think of next?


A good long article expanding on earlier stories. Before they were Native Americans, they were Native Beringians.

Is archaeology headed towards a digital photography only future? It seems as much, although opinion is divided.

Sacrificial altar unearthed in China’s largest prehistoric city in Shannxi.


Chile’s stunning fossil whale graveyard explained. What a remarkable discovery!


Understanding audiences – what do people really think of museums and galleries? A new Natural Sciences Collections Association report.

In the run-up of programmes on WWI remembrance, a thought-provoking piece on whether we can footnote history TV.

Anyone had time to watch the video yet about the Voynich manuscript? Are 10 words enough if the method is sound?


DAMMIT! A robot is already 120x more successful than me at academia. On gibberish papers in journals.


The Ghosts of Srebrenica. On remembrance, identification, and understanding.

Interesting piece. Have the British (or the Americans for that matter) forgotten how to grieve?

OTHER SCIENCE                                     

Chilean owls drafted in to fight deadly hantavirus virus, but requires a shift in cultural superstitions.

Rare ‘polio-like’ disease reports, enterovirus-68 may be the responsible pathogen.

Baa! Zircon crystal gem discovered on Australian sheep farm is oldest piece of the planet at 4.4bn years old.

Does this mean I have to re-learn everything? Biologist proposes renaming all life on Earth.


Men compete to donate penises to museum – and in April you can watch the documentary!

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