Breaking News Nine: March 1st – March 14th

Soz for the week out. The selection of links below includes all from the past week as usual and then just the highlights from the previous week (otherwise this round-up would be massive, yo).


More on opposition to sequencing RIII genome: TD;LR of blogpost in advance: reach same conclusion, but for different reasons.

Exhibition featuring human skeletons branded ‘moral abuse’. Much like the ‘moral abuse’ that is creating a media firestorm for no reason?

Examination of mummy shows blunt for trauma to skull and chronic Chagas disease.


A Medieval Multiverse: Mathematical Modelling of the 13th Century Universe of Robert Grosseteste A very neat methodology!

Mmm… I can’t believe it’s not… gone off. Block of butter buried in bog bank dated to 1,000 years ago.

Yes, yes, and yes. Read this. Relevant to all I imagine. By Colleen Morgan: Stop Saying “Archaeology is actually boring” (as a response to this, archaeology isn’t glamorous, it’s boring article.)

When I see anything about the Indus, I have flashbacks to marking Year 1 essays. Climate change and culture collapse.

Now, a link about poo! Medieval Feces Preserves Antibiotic Resistance Genes’ Tale.

No comment necessary. Domesticated unicorn T-rex remains found at ancient Texas civilisation.

Rare Neolithic or Bronze Age rock art ‘doodles’ found in Ross-shire.


How to find tiny dinosaurs. “Most archaeologists won’t care about them.”

When trilobites ruled* the world.


An absolutely fascinating read. I had some idea… but I had NO idea. Tutankhamun’s ancient DNA, politics, and racism.

There may be a media push against the barbaric image of Vikings, but it wasn’t all sunshine and roses.


Interesting piece on the rise of modules on death.


Got an idea for a Foldscope? That’s a PAPER microscope! 10,000 are being given away to help prove their applications.

Are we living on a water world? $10 diamond may indicate oceans worth of water below the surface.

Ear bath helps explain rare urge to cut off own limb. Faaascinating!


Man Arrested For Taxidermy-ing Together Mutant Animals From Illegal/Endangered Species.

I really enjoyed this piece on the last of species. I even read it all the way to the end.

A great list of online comics with science content (at least sometimes).


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