Nazi War Diggers

Dear National Geographic Channel,

For producing a show with the “quest to hunt for relics and bodies”, I present to you this:


Leaving these individuals buried and unidentified is a more respectful way to honour their memories than this show will ever be, which speaks volumes about your behaviour.

Shame on you.

For a considered, articulate, and therefore coherent response to the news that National Geographic Channel ordered the series Nazi War Diggers, please read this post by John Roby.

7 responses to “Nazi War Diggers

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  4. One of the diggers used to show up on “reality” show Pawn Stars as a Las Vegas baseball card shop owner. The thin gentleman with graying hair who is shown holding a skull and legbone with dark gloves on in the stock photos.

  5. Update-The show on the people who live and work in Las Vegas network had Craig Gottlieb and not the baseball card shop owner. He is an expert on antique firearms and a militaria dealer. He would dig up the grave of his own relative if he could make a few bucks.

    • teevee is real:

      Gottlieb definitely is no “Xpert”….Huck Finn knew more about antique firearms & militaria! Gottlieb is the “Stand-up Philosopher” of ‘History Of The World’….”If you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, you baffle ’em with bulls–t !

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