Shark Week is not the same as Easter

If you absolutely MUST see some bunnies, you can look at mine:

I am re-blogging this from my (now, never updated) blog, because it makes le no sense to re-write it here. Blog stats be damned.

But… bonus bunny meme!



Rufus the shark has been feeling a bit down lately.

Rufus the shark, all alone.

Easter is coming up, a holiday that is epitomised by rabbits (amongst other things: painted eggs, fluffy chicks, quaint baskets, etc).  Peabody and Emerson have been getting a lot of attention and it has made Rufus realise there isn’t a holiday that he feels a part of.  Peabody and Emerson have tried to help Rufus feel welcome to celebrate Easter with them, and while he appreciates the effort it’s just not the same.  I mean, he knows there is Shark Week, but that’s not very big over here.  And besides, it doesn’t come close to something like Easter.  He has needs too, and they aren’t being met.  He is tired of being misunderstood.  He longs for a family to open their home (and hearts) to him.  But just like sharks, rabbits can be misunderstood creatures too.

Around this time of…

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