Field Notes: Prep Week

Here is a link to the first weekly site update from me, during my time at the Poulton Research Project.

“Corn height: talus/ fibula lateral malleolous (ankle)

Welcome to the very first Poulton Project field school weekly updates – a sort of summary of some field notes. While the students don’t arrive until tomorrow, we’ve been very busy on site already getting everything ready…”

Field Notes: Prep Week (Poulton Research Project)

I am a little late in re-blogging this, but it’s been a very busy week now that the students are on site (and I acquired a massive puncture coming home one night, which led to some unexpected travel arrangments involving some trains).

There will be another update this weekend, so do look out for it. I’ll try to post it here right after it’s been posted on the project website.

This is a short post, so I’ll leave you with a photo from this morning. If you’re interested in more regular updates, do follow the hashtag I’m using during the week #PoultonProject on Twitter.


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