Field Notes: Week One

It appears that I can’t re-blog from our project site, so for the weekly updates I’ll be putting them up as new posts here on Deathsplanation – but then just including a link over.

So, without further ado, this week at the Poulton Research Project:

“Corn height: tibia mid-diaphysis (shin high)

It has been a fantastic first week at the Poulton Research Project field school. We’ve had a lucky number thirteen students on site…”

Field Notes: Week One (Poulton Research Project)

After a splendid week on site, I spent yesterday at the Lancashire Science Festival, which was brilliant. I was on the Zoo Bus and because of my mad quick-thinking skills, I was able to link osteoarchaeology and zoology together like a boss. Perfect for keeping the queues under control. It did help that I had spent most of last week scooping up newts and toads!

Being away yesterday has meant that today has been rather busy, attempting to do as many things on my to-do list as possible (number one was take out a splinter – it had been on my to-do list for so long the skin had grown back over it, ow). However, I did manage to take some time this afternoon to enjoy the unexpected sunshine and write up all of last week’s field notes properly (every season rookie mistake that, not doing it as I go along).

Oh and for those of you pining, don’t you worry your pretty (scientific) little heads. I’ve got a great GIF-filled rant-style blogpost waiting in the wings. But the question is, do I post that before or after I go see the Tour de France next weekend? 😀

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