Field Notes: Week Five

Last week on site I finally began to see the progress we’ve made towards our main aim for this season (which is, namely, to be able to focus solely on one area of our trench and complete this in its entirety before excavating anything further). I am happy with the direction that things are going, although this week also marks the half-way point in my contract with the Poulton Research Project (one week either side of a ten week field school for a total of twelve weeks). If the last six weeks are as productive as the first, then this is most definitely achievable though!

“Corn height: ridiculously variable – talus/ fibula lateral malleolous (ankle) to saggital suture of cranium (over my head) [you just wait if we get some decent rain]

We have had the most ludicrous weather during our field school thus far this summer, but last week takes the (increasingly soft and melty) biscuit…”

Field Notes: Week Five (Poulton Research Project)

I do hope that you’ve been enjoying these little summaries of what we’ve been up to on site this summer, as I think it’s incredibly important that we share everything that we do with you. If osteoarchaeology is you thing (or field schools) then don’t forget that you can follow me on Twitter or check the #PoultonProject hashtag for updates throughout the week.


While I’m here, I should add: I had a brilliant time out with Big Heritage on Saturday at the Liverpool Festival of Ideas with the Roman Medicine Roadshow. If you’re local you should totally check out their project Discovering Bromborough.

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