Field Notes: Week Six

It has been yet another fabulous week at Poulton. I really am getting spoiled in this role and on this site. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit we had from the Penycloddiau excavation students and staff. It was a great opportunity to share all of the hard work done by all of our students and staff so far this summer. I am so fond of archaeology, but I am even more fond of sharing it with other people.

As a part of our field school, students participants in a two hour post-excavation session on the analysis of human remains. This is one of my favourite days on site, as it allows students to fully appreciate all of the information is it possible to gain from the individuals that they are so carefully excavating (and all of the information that it is not possible to gain). I am really excited to be running one of these sessions for the project volunteers this month. Poulton is a great place – the archaeology is amazing – but the people are what make it a delight.

Right, before I get too self-indulgently sentimental:

“Corn height: over the saggital suture of cranium (over my head)

Well, it’s goodbye to July and hello to August. We’re officially past our halfway point, with six weeks gone and four weeks left of the field school at Poulton – although things certainly aren’t slowing down…”

Field Notes: Week Six (Poulton Research Project)


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