Field Notes: Week Seven

I’m a little late in bringing this post over to Deathsplanation, but it’s been a busy week (which you can read all about in Field Notes: Week Eight, next week). I am absolutely exhausted, but totally ecstatic about the way things have been going the past few weeks. I have to say, the highlight of week seven was definitely the field mouse in my backpack. (Although let’s not mention this little fact…)

“Corn height: towering ominously over our excavations

It has been another fantastic week on site. The weather held out for us for the most part, although I feel it’s only delayed the inevitable. As I write this, the remains of Bertha have arrived and I’m about to go hunting for my wellies…”

Field Notes: Week Seven (Poulton Research Project)

I should probably include my traditional mid-week tweet here, but instead I’m going to go with this, because LEGO RESEARCH INSTITUTE!


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