Field Notes: Week Eight (Plus Bonus Student Post)

I may have just written up my summary (sadly not summery) field notes for week nine and sent them off – but here are the links for week eight. I know you’ve all been totally lost without them since last week, right?

“Corn height: we can no longer see beyond our trench, if we get lost we may have to remain on site until the harvest

It has been a very relaxing week. Trench I was being excavated by all continuing students, who are now very familiar with our excavation and recording methods…”

Field Notes: Week Eight (Poulton Research Project)

In addition to my own regular updates, we also had a fantastic blogpost sent to us this week from a former student – who if they don’t go into archaeology, they should definitely consider a career in comedy. I have never heard so much laughing and giggling on a site before in my life…

Field Notes: Student’s Entry

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