Field Notes: Week Nine

The field school finished last week. *sniff sniff* There will be a week ten blogpost, but it’ll be up a little late as our web admin is away. Until then, here is the rather belated link to week nine.

“Corn height: suspicion that the addition of cobs have made the corn appear taller, when in fact it is all still the same height as last week

It has been a brilliant and busy week at the field school – it’s hard to believe that this time next week it’ll be over for the season!…”

Field Notes: Week Nine (Poulton Research Project)

Although the field school has finished, I still have a couple of weeks left at the Poulton Research Project. This week I will be finishing up a little bit of recording, pack away the skeletons for transport to the university, and begin writing up the report of our excavations in Trench I.

The report will be finished at the end of the month, as there is still a little bit of excavation to be done before the site is closed for the season. Next week students from LJMU will arrive on site for a two week field school. I’ve a cheeky conference attendance in the middle though. BABAO 2014!

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