Field Notes: Final Weeks

It has been an eventful month. I find it hard to believe that nearly four full weeks have passed since I’ve posted anything here. The days are hot and the nights are cold – and now the past remains under the earth for another season. I have spent the time since my last post busy on site, organising skeletal material, assisting with a separate field school, writing up reports, planning my return to my PhD, attending a conference, and ever so much more. I’ve attempted to summarise the field notes for you. For the very last time then:

“Corn height: see photo

One month ago (!) I wrote a blogpost, with one week to go of the Poulton Research Project field school. That has long since come and gone, however the weeks following were full of activity and so I’ll attempt in this final field notes entry to summarise everything for you…”

Field Notes: Weeks Ten to Thirteen (Poulton Research Project)

I’ve a few other posts planned, which I will hopefully get to in the next couple weeks covering everything from my award-winning #plagueposter to deafness in academic and archaeology. You will even get a chance to read my unsuccessful Guardian and Wellcome Trust science writing competition entry. I bet you can’t wait, with that build up. It’s not so bad, I swear.

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