Skeleton Sketches

I absolutely adore skeleton sketches. This summer on the site where I was supervising we acquired an enormous amount from all of our students. I’ve put together a collection of them below, for your viewing pleasure. We excavated thirty-one skeletons this summer, twenty-nine of which had their own recording sheets, and we also had a section through a charnel pit in the southwest of the cemetery.

So, this is how it works. I’ve included a sketch for each skeleton from each student that recorded them – so it ranges from one to four sketeches per skeleton. They’re arranged in numbered order (SK 747 – SK 791) from left to right in rows.

I seriously hope these brighten your day. I am sure there’s a paper in here somewhere – on the representation of skeletal images.*

Click to embiggen.

Click to embiggen.

*I am actually super interested in the fact that the more someone’s knowledge of skeletal anatomy increases the more their skeleton sketches improve – even if they haven’t actively done anything to alter the way they sketch.

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