Engaging with Academics

At the very back end of last year I presented at the Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) conference in Manchester. I submitted an abstract to the ‘Inclusivity and Pedagogy’ session, which you can read here.

Doug Rocks-Macqueen was very generous in offering to record some of the sessions and my paper is included among them – and in the spirit of open access it is now available for you to view on YouTube.

The whole session really interesting and although I was disappointed it was not better attended, as I think it is a really important aspect of archaeology that not enough people are up on, the discussions that arose from the Q&As were really great.

It left me with a lot to consider – but since it may be a little while before I can formulate those thoughts into words to share with you, I thought I’d at least share the link with you.

[Please note, I will be ammending the video transcription to ensure it is as accurate as possible, however this make take a bit of time as – and the irony of this is not lost on me – the sections that really need it, I can’t hear, so I’ll be seeking assistance.]

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