Public Talks and Presentations

Museums Showoff – Out of Sight (Manchester)

Liverpool Sci Bar – Can Basic Maths Change History? (Liverpool)

FameLab North West Finals – Ancient DNA: Back to the Future (Manchester)

FameLab North West Heats – The ‘Tooth’ About Ancient DNA (Manchester)

Science Showoff, British Society for Immunology Conference – I see dead people… (Liverpool)

Bright Club Manchester, 20: Anticipation-  I found my PhD on teh internets. (Manchester)

Science Showoff, Manchester Science Festival – Skeletons and Star Wars (Manchester)

Science Platform, Manchester Science Festival – The Exploded Skeletons (Manchester)

Penny University Live, Manchester Science Festival (Manchester)

Manchester Girl Geeks Dinner, Manchester Science Festival (Manchester)

Nova Scotia Archaeology Society Lecture Series – Through Students’ Eyes: The Poor’s Farm Field School (Halifax, Canada)

Hands-on Activites and Demonstrations

Worker’s Educational Association Digibility Workshops (Sheffield)

Weston Park Museum Day – Funny Bones (Sheffield)

Rothwell Charnel Chapel Open Day (Rothwell)

Festival of Archaeology, Heeley City Farm (Sheffield)

Festival of the Mind – CSI: History (Sheffield)

Techsploration, Forensic Anthropology Role Model (Halifax, Canada)

Other Engagement

Cheltenham Science Festival (Cheltenham)

Pint of Science, Body (Manchester)

Big Heritage, Big Bang Fair (Birmingham)

ScienceGrrl at MOSI, International Women’s Day (Manchester)

Live from Jodrell Bank with Science Grrl (Cheshire)

Science Grrl at MOSI, Manchester Science Festival (Manchester)

I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here (In the Zone), Wellcome Trust (Online) Winner in 7-11 Zone

BABAO at London Anthropology Day, British Museum (London-)

In addition to all of the super outreach above, my CV also includes lots of other roles in archaeology, museums, and teaching.

[Please note: This page is currently in the process of being created and updated.]

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