A Working Group for Best Practice in Digital Osteology

Welcome to the very first blogpost about the Working Group for Best Practice in Digital Osteology. If you’re looking for some background on this subject, please give this a read.

Researchers around the world in osteology, biological anthropology, funerary archaeology, and related disciplines are increasingly encountering ethical issues and considerations with regards to digital media (e.g. 3D scans/prints, blogs, vlogs, apps, and more) and archaeological and forensic human remains.

Therefore a new mailing-list has been created to generate discussion and debate in a single place, ahead of a workshop. The date for this workshop is to be confirmed, but we would like to aim for approximately one year from now in Autumn/Winter 2016.

Through this mailing-list and at the future workshop we will gather together common themes encountered by members, in order to offer recommendations for amendments to currently published guidelines (BABAO, AAA, SAA, AAPA, CAS) that will address best practice for digital practices.

We welcome anyone to become a member, whether they have experiences and thoughts on this subject to share or would simply like to participate through reading those contributed by others.

Please join the mailing list here: [DIGITALOSTEO]

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions you may send these to the administrator (me) through the mailing-list or you can comment below or e-mail me or find me on social media.

Please note, this mailing-list is not currently affiliated with any of the professional organisations mentioned above (and I am happy to discuss this decision).

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