Field Notes: Week Three (Day of Archaeology Special)

Instead of doing a via, via, via, below is a link to this week’s site update, which is also my contribution to the Day of Archaeology. This will also be posted over on the Poulton Research Project page.

“Corn height: patellae (knee high)

This week’s site update is a Day of Archaeology special. For the past four years, this project has aimed to share the incredible diversity of the daily lives of archaeologists around the world.

Once you’ve read all about my day at the Poulton Project yesterday, why not take some time to read about the days of other archaeologists – whether they spent the day digging in a field, submitting grant proposals in a university office, or even trying to stay balanced as an earthquake rumbled across their site:…”

Field Notes: Week Three – In Need of a Time-Turner (Teaching Osteoarchaeology)

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